Volunteering Opportunity – Flexible Days

Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd.volunteering opportunity

Doing volunteering work with Geographic Expedition Adventure P. like combining your holidays with some work and being responsible of your travel. Up till now you have experienced a good living and way of life in your own home.

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Volunteering Opportunity – Flexible Days

Doing volunteering work with Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. provides you an opportunity to combine your holidays with some work to support local communities and have an authentic experience while living with local families.

Our company warmly invites and assists you to do some volunteering in Nepal by being a part of our program. We believe that through this program you will have a unique experience while helping people of Nepal. The country is rich in culture, architectural wonders and natural beauty, and these; diversity of experiences will gave you long lasting memories. The people of Nepal are well-known for their friendliness and hospitality so you’re during the volunteering work will be pleasant and memorable.You can be volunteers and offer valuable service in such areas as like Education, Health, Community Development and Environment etc. You can be a solor volunteer or a member of a group.

Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. offers you a short preparation program to ensure that you are ready to start your work as a volunteer by providing training in Nepali language, culture and work practices. In addition, Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. also does everything possible to look after your safety and make sure you have a pleasant stay.

Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. organizes programs at different levels of challenge. We invite you to accept the challenge/es and we discuss them with you advance. We are sure you can successfully participate in our programs and enjoy the experience of contributing to the betterment of a developing country. Since a small deed is better than a big intention your efforts to help Nepal and its people will be highly appreciated.

Doing volunteering work with Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. helps you to combine your holidays with some work. Up till now you have experienced a good living and way of life in your own country. Now you can learn and experience how you can smile and be happy even in adverse conditions like most of the people in Nepal. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain an invaluable insight into the Nepali way of life which will enrich your life.

Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. our volunteer programs are available in many parts of Nepal, in both rural and urban areas. Below are some of the opportunities: 

  • Teach at a School
  • Assist at an Orphanage
  • Improve Community Health and Environmental Awareness
  • School and Community Maintenance
  • Village Planting and Harvesting
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Rebuild School damaged from earthquake 2015.
  • Record Oral Histories, Legends, and Myths in Village Life
  • Assist in Rural Village Medical Centers.
  • Support development of eco-tourism in the village you stay.

Program Cost

Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. volunteer program is cheaper than other programs organized by volunteer agencies. We are dedicated to keeping our prices down to assure this opportunity is affordable for everyone and that the people from Nepal can get a real help. The prices we have listed pay for the minimum cost’s incurred by us while you are in Nepal so we do graciously accept all extra donations. We do recommend fundraising to support the cost of your involvement is our programs and will send you information on this once you have registered with us.

There is a $150.00 application fee. The application fee covers administration, marketing, and fundraising. Once your application fee is paid the remainder of the cost for your time in the Nepal program is:

  • Cost for 1 weeks – US $150
  • Cost for 2 weeks – US $250
  • Cost for 3 weeks – US $390
  • Cost for 1 month – US $490
  • Cost for 2 months –US$615
  • Cost for 3 months –US $775
  • Cost for 4 months -US $995
  • Cost for 5 months -US $1100

The above costs include the following:

  • Airport pick up from Kathmandu Airport
  • Transport to and from the village placement to Kathmandu
  • Accommodation and meals during placement with local family/ host family (usually you will have a separate room).
  • Accommodation, Nepali Language classes, Sightsee and cultural information classes during the training in Kathmandu
  • Donations to support Local Clubs and Schools in the Host Villages
  • Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. staff visits to your placement
  • Contribution to High Hope projects for resource centers, libraries, schools, health centers, women empowerment program, scholarship program and environmental protection
  • Building school in rural areas
  • Staff’s salary and skill development training
  • Community Health Camp
  • Administration and Government tax

The cost does not include:

  • Personal Insurance
  • Drinks & Bar Bills
  • Visa fees
  • Laundry service
  • Flights (Domestic and International)
  • Trekking, Jungle Safari and Rafting
  • Food during your training in Kathmandu
  • Geographic Expedition Adventure P. Ltd. is totally funded by volunteers’ program fees.

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